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Author & Illustrator!
What sets us apart?

It's not every day you can get an Author & Illustrator combo visit! That is the magic we bring as a team. School visits are near and dear to our hearts. They are the big "Why" of anything we do. Your students get to learn about the writing AND the illustrating processes. We have interactive activities that ignite sparks of imagination and enthusiasm for the creative process. Seeing your students light up and feel proud of what they accomplish is powerful. We can see the sparks flying during our visits and you will too!

Each Session Includes:

  • Fun, short slideshow with an overview of the writing and illustrating process

  • Questions & Answers

  • Directed Drawing Activity – Learn how to draw Sunny!

  • Sing the Sunny Song! – Sing and dance along!

  • Wrap up questions and discussions

  • Autographs and meet the author and illustrator if desired

Plus you will receive a free autographed book for your school library!

Planning for your visit:

Leading up to your visit we are here for you every step of the way. We will send you detailed instructions for what to do and when to do it! We have planning resources as well as free activities right here for you too!


There are so many bright ideas under the activities tab for teachers and parents. In addition to what we've developed, we have activities developed by teachers for teachers! With each school visit we meet incredible teachers that have poured time and energy into creating Sunny the Firefly activities for their students that celebrate reading, learning and generate excitement for our visit. Just like Sunny, we love celebrating other people's talents too! So with their permission we add them to our activities page for you to use!


If you end up developing a new idea - you may see your idea and name on our activity page too!


Call to Discuss Options



*Warning - students have been caught singing the Sunny Song and drawing Sunny for weeks after the visit.

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