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The story of how Sunny the Firefly got his moms... Lee Ann and Rebecca met one day when Lee Ann came across Rebecca's art booth at a local art festival. So impressed with her expressive drawing and captivating style, Lee Ann encouraged Rebecca to apply for a featured artist spot at a collective gallery she belonged to. Rebecca applied and easily got the featured spot. They stayed in contact over the years and admired each other's art and journey. Rebecca eventually went on to take ownership of the curator position of the Highline Coffee Art Space in Worthington.


Meanwhile, Lee Ann had this book she had written years ago and was stuck trying to figure out how to illustrate it herself when a friend innocently asked, "Do you have to be the one to illustrate it or could you find someone else to do it?" A light went off and immediately Lee Ann thought of Rebecca's expressive artwork. 


Shortly after, Lee Ann reached out to Rebecca to pitch the idea. And Rebecca said YES making Lee Ann the happiest author-to-be in town. The two have been an unstoppable pair ever since! They encourage each other, push each other and work beautifully together.

Sunny the Firefly is being held by his mom Farah
Lee Ann.JPG

Lee Ann Lander


Rebecca Burdock

Character Development

"Rebecca not only brings the book to life with her beautifully expressive illustrations, but has brought a renewed light and energy into the project. Rebecca also painstakingly formatted the text, pages, and created the front and back covers among so much more."  — Lee Ann Lander (Author)


"Lee Ann wrote such an incredibly touching and inspiring story I still get chills every time I read it. That is saying a lot, since I have been reading it daily for about a year now!" — Rebecca Burdock (Illustrator)

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